Eradicating shyness from shy children from physiological view

You will find a number of shy children in your everyday life.  This text will give you some ways to eradicate shyness from small children at the kindergarten level.

All the parents want their children to have a wonderful Kindergarten experience, because it will help them to give a good start to their academic career. You will find student with various behaviours, after you enter a kindergarten class. A few are very naughty, a few are very calm and quite, a few loves to play and many more.

But you will also find a few students in the same class, who are a little shy in nature. Being a shy child is obviously not a mistake, neither from your or your child’s side. But being a shy child has its own advantages and disadvantages in the long run. Let us discuss the disadvantages and the ways to overcome that.

The problems of being shy

If a shy child is not handled in a proper manner, before growing up, they will not be equally successful like other children of the same standard. According to our survey at, we have seen, the reason behind it is that, they cannot walk their own way alone and cannot express their feelings properly. Thus, whenever they are in a class or a project, they cannot express the things which they actually need. In a research, it is found that 85 percent of the shy children in the year of 2007 were not that successful, compared to others, in spite of having equal merits and inspiration, just because of their shy behaviour.

The only way to overcome this situation is to create a situation where they can feel and react freely. Though, it is not possible in all the spheres of life, but they should be presented with some contrasting situations with the clues to overcome them. These things should be done at the school level, so that they become successful in the long run. Our research work also can help you to understand such psychological problems. 


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