How do effect SES to child development?

SES (social economic status)  measured with 3 option. They are;

1-Educational Achievement

2-Occupational status

3-Financial income

Ses , mother’s educational achievement,father’s educational achievement and especially father’s occupational status are all significantly predicting children mind development ( child intelligence) from infancy to adolescen. (2-17 years)

Ses will be effect after 1,5 years.

Family,who have high SES predicting gifted children. And researches show that educational achievement more important than occupational status.

There is not effective only SES on the child development. There is effective home environment and family interaction together with SES. Home environment is is there a private room in the house for child? How many book in the home? Is feeling special to child in the home? And like these…

Distal and Proximal Factors in Child Development

Distal factors include SES and culture. How is culture ? Is it collectivistic culture or individualistic culture?

Proximal factors include parent,school and stimulating environment.

Neighborhood Effect on Children and Family

Children who live with the neighborhood who have high SES, predicting school readiness well.

Children who live with the neightborhood who have low SES , predicting emotinal and socail outcome.



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