Some information about dementia

If you are aged above 65, and becoming forgetful, it could be possible that you are hit by dementia so get in touch with your doctor right now and talk about the problem. Memory loss is also a part of aging, stress or certain illness, but if it is affecting you on a daily basis, our research has shown it could be dementia.

At our website you will get a comprehensive knowledge about this disease, affecting people mostly after the age of 65.

According to our research, 1 in 3 people over 65 are affected by Dementia in UK. Another shocking fact is that two third of people affected by this disease are women. There is a huge increase in the number of patients suffering this disease because of increased longevity.


If a person has dementia, that means he must be having a group of symptoms affecting memory, thinking and social abilities. The most common symptoms  are:

  • Memory Loss
  • Difficulty in communication
  • Inappropriate behavior
  • Hallucinations
  • Mental agility
  • Depression
  • Periods of confusion
  • Change in personality and moods
  • Difficulty in planning and organising

The person suffering from Dementia may lose his feelings of compassion and understanding ability. According to our research, most types of dementia can be slowed down, if detected early.

Causes of dementia

The research team at did an extensive analysis to find out the causes of dementia. Dementia is a neurological disorder caused by damage to nerve cells. Depending on the area of brain that is impacted, this disease affects people differently. Dementia is progressive and there are various types of this disorder.

So, if you or your loved ones suffer from few of the symptoms listed, immediately consult your doctor. Or visit our website daily to get more information.

Symptoms and effects of brain injury and its treatment

Brain damage or brain injury is a serious problem nowadays. It can affect the adults and aged people both. Sometimes, they are mild and sometimes harmful. There should take proper diagnosis and good treatment to get rid of it.

Brain injury is one of the dangerous mental health issues. In a brain injury the brain cells starts getting damaged and creates several problems. There are numerous symptoms of brain injury.

Cognitive symptoms: these kind of symptoms can be determined when a affected person get difficulties in processing information and expressing thoughts. They can’t understand others and lack of attention. It decreases the decision making ability. It can create memory loss.

Physical symptoms of brain damage:  if a person is facing severe headache, extreme mental fatigue, paralysis, tremors, seizures, sleeping disorder sensitivity to light then it can be the physical symptom of brain damage.

Behavioural and emotional symptoms: in this kinds of symptom reflects the irritability and impatience of a person. It reduces the tolerance and taking power of stress, sluggishness, denial disability and increase aggressiveness.

Treatment of brain injuries

The effect of brain injury can be very dangerous. Proper treatment can give the relief from brain damage. It can be physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and so on. Brain injury can be prevented by several ways like never shake a child, don’t use illegal drug, limited absorption of alcohol etc. If a person is already affected by it they should keep always under observation. Sometimes, several professional opinions regarding this debases should be taken. Family members have a great impact on the patience. Their love and proper care helps the patient to recover the disease gradually.  

The Effect Of Language On Intelligence And Psychology

Language is the fundamental mode of communication. Everyone is expected to learn more than one language during their lifetime, and there is a reason for that. Read on to find out more.

Language is the means through which individuals express themselves. It is the basic medium of communication, and it can help people express their innermost desires, their immediate intentions, etc. Everyone is expected to learn at least two new languages during their lifetime. This is not merely to add another feather to the metaphorical hat, but also because it has profound psychological effects. The acquisition of language is also determined by various external and internal factors, intelligence being one of them. There are several other factors which influence language, and the acquisition of the same.

Language And Psychology

After extensive study we as have found that language is directly influences by, and it also directly influences a lot of other senses and factors inside the body, especially the psychology. When a child is born, the auditory and visual senses immediately kick into action, making him or her learn what other are saying around them.

As man’s primal instinct is to imitate, they too try to reproduce the sounds that they are exposed to. In the growing years, the acquisition of language become easier, as the brain is now a fully functional organ. However, language has also been seen to make a person more receptive to their surroundings, to express themselves better, and in general, become more intelligent human beings. That is the reason, in several professional fields; the acquisition of a new language is highly encouraged.

On our website you can get several informative ideas about intelligence, our research work also working on these. 

Understanding Intelligence In An Individual

Despite the fact that intelligence is a fairly relative term, there are several ways in which psychologists have attempted to classify it. Following are some examples.

Intelligence is a very ambiguous term. A teacher of a primary school may be considered highly intelligent buy his or her students, but the same teacher certainly cannot be considered intelligent by someone with greater educational prowess or qualifications. Then again, the primary teacher may have qualities which the professor might not. Hence, it cannot be definitely defined who is intelligent and who is not. For several centuries, psychologists have been trying to classify intelligence according to the nature and manner in which they are manifested, which leads to inadvertent conclusions.

Triarchic Classification of Intelligence

Although there are several ways in which intelligence can be classified, one of the most logical theories is this one. In fact, after extensive study that has been conducted by our experts at newspsychology, it is seen that every individual who is considered conventionally intelligent can be classified into one of these three categories. They are as follows-

  • Componential Intelligence- These are very straightforward, and in fact, banal ways of assessing one’s intelligence. It is determined with the help of intelligence and aptitude and even IQ tests, with carefully formulated questions.
  • Emotional Intelligence- This is the kind of intelligent ability which gives individual great powers to assess their surroundings, judge the behavior of people, and regulates their behavior accordingly. It is a highly social trait
  • Contextual Intelligence- which is the ability that some people have by which they can easily fit themselves into situations, turning them into survivors. They are also the creative kind.

Gender-Bias- Low Employment Among Women In Professional Fields

Male domination is still a rampant social anomaly, which has led to problems which have been persisting for several centuries, including unemployment, low wages, and other such things.     

Despite the fact that societal norms have progressed with changing times, it is also important to note that deep down, in the behavior of man, nothing much has changed. The world is still a patriarchal place, where men get the upper hand, no matter which sphere they are working in.

This is especially evident when you observe professional fields such as science and technology. In this regard, our research at has found that the number of female employees is deplorably low. In other fields such as construction, agriculture, manufacture and production, even if there are female employees, the salary that they receive is always lower than that which is given to their male counterparts.

Psychological Analysis Of Gender Bias

There can be only one possible explanation for such a disparity between male and female workers. Women are still considered the lesser sex because of their physical disadvantage to men. However, nothing can be further from the truth, and this notion is almost like a popular superstition.

The truth is that, it has been ingrained in people’s minds, and therefore, in their psychology that the place of the women is inside the kitchen and the home. Their prime duty is bear children and to raise them. Changing the age-old mindset of the people is a tasking job, which has to be taken up with full gusto in order to take practical effect, other this bias and disparity is bound to continue.

Gender difference is a serious matter in our society, so it is very needed to reduce this. Our research works are also working on this subject. To get more information about these you can visit our website daily. 

Steps and treatment for the ailment of Epilepsy

In epilepsy this request is disturbed by some neurone releasing flags improperly. Epilepsy is not a solitary circumstance, but rather a gathering of conditions with complementary reasons for medicines and anticipations or at times depression.

There may be a sort of brief electrical tempest emerging from neurones that are naturally flimsy in view of a hereditary desert as in the different sorts of acquired epilepsy, or from neurones made precarious by metabolic irregularities, for example, low blood glucose, or liquor. Then again, the unusual release may originate from a limited zone of the cerebrum. This is the circumstance in patients with epilepsy brought about by head harm, or mind tumour.

Controlling the best ailment to happen

Epilepsy can strike anybody whenever, yet it is not an ailment. It influences the cerebrum; however it is not a mental or psychiatric mishap and also issue. It might not bring here things are going to be from place to place, however it is not infectious.

It is not typically treatable, but rather in up to 80 every penny of cases it can be controlled successfully by drugs. Even though epilepsy can begin anytime amid in life of many, most of the epilepsy is diagnosed in the youth, and irrespective of all in the first year of life – around 140 out of every infant not less than 100,000 infants who are not less than at least one year old are diagnosed with epilepsy every year.

Things that drop the best dominant idea

This drops to 40 adults every 100,000. The dominant part of individuals with epilepsy takes against epileptic pharmaceutical to stop or lessen the quantity of ceases they have. It is ordinary to talk about somebody having epilepsy; however it may be better especially in connection to advancing better medication treatment if we somehow happened to think as far as one of the epilepsies. Epilepsy is an extremely individual condition and individuals can have altogether different encounters.. 

How will you fight against Huntington’s disease

It is generally said that people who bear the genetic mutation for Huntington’s disease learn faster than healthy people. Huntington’s disease causes subtle changes in cellular functions that lead to neurodegeneration and death.

If you are a patient of Huntington’s disease then you have come to the right place. It is found that the main cause behind Huntington's disease is the abnormality of long strands of glutamine in the huntingtin protein known as polyglutamines that causes subtle changes in cellular functions which leads to neurodegeneration and death.

Our research shows that the activation of the heat shock response doesn’t work properly in case of Huntington’s disease. We researched extensively for the patients to understand the effects of mutant huntingtin (Htt) protein on the master regulator of the heat shock response. Our team of researchers discovered a promising new therapy for Huntington disease, a special type of inherited brain disorder, that restores lost motor skills and may delay or stop the progression of the disease. So you can get proper information from our official website.

The therapy is based on lab model tests and it uses a molecule already in clinical trials for other diseases. However, this molecule could be used in a trial for Huntington disease within the next two years. This is very promising and should give hope to those with Huntington disease for a long period of time. It’s a treatment that deserves to go to clinical trials because it could have huge potential.

People with this inherited brain disorder characterized by a mutant protein have slightly lower levels of a brain molecule called GM1.The researchers used GM1 for Huntington disease could happen relatively quickly.

The Effect Of Psychedelic Drugs On The Human Mind

Although psychedelic drugs are associated with substance abuse, they have certain negative as well as positive effects on the mind, which severely affects the psychology of the person who is involved.

Psychedelic drugs are essentially those drugs which people take in order to dull the senses, to reduce, or heighten the perception of the mind to such a level that they are unable to keep a close touch with reality. These drugs are readily available, although in most places they are illegal.

They are also oftentimes called hallucinogens because they trigger hallucinations in the mind of the people who use such drugs. You might be surprised to know that sometimes, psychologists and especially psychiatrists make use of these drugs to help their patients. Thus, it is important to understand the various effects that these drugs can have on the mind, when they are not prescribed.

Negative and Positive Effects Of Psychedelic Drugs On The Mind

These effects, as established by the extensive studies conducted by us, represent those individuals who have either suffered from a serious psychological disorder, or they are under the influence of the drug for an inordinate amount of time without prescription from practitioners.

  • One of the positive effects of the intake is psychedelic drugs is that the brain gets dull and numb, which keep psychological problems such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression, etc. at bay.
  • If the drugs are taken in proper quantities, then they might even be able to serve as a long term cure for problems which are thought to be incurable. It makes you calm, and detached, which are in some cases necessary to instill stability in an individual.
  • These drugs are designed to dull the mind and the senses. However, in order to do this, the drugs release a certain chemical into the nervous system, which might make the taker weak when they are not under the influence.

When these drugs are taken with abandon, then they might accelerate psychological problems instead of helping with the cure and the treatment. It might make the patient more tense, weak, paranoid, and socially isolated. All these can wreck havoc with the already delicate psychological balance inside the mind of the individual.

Crystal meth addiction and the reason for its existence

The use of crystal meth as a drug has been widespread all over the world, with people suffering from severe addictive syndromes and physiological disorders.

Treatment with crystal meth has gained a lot of importance nowadays. The United States has seen a rise in the number of individuals addicted to crystal meth. As per our research, the current number of crystal meth users has exceeded almost 1.5 million addicts.

Crystal meth is considered to be an extremely addictive drug, besides being highly resistant to treatment forms involving the use of crystal meth. Some steps have to be taken to alter the treatment methods of crystal meth addiction, and only then can this epidemic be curbed. For years now, the judicial system has failed in prohibiting the possession and use of crystal meth; hence there has absolutely been no betterment in this drug related epidemic. Addicts nowadays have easy access to crystal meth, which is slowly leading to the rise in the number of addicts.

The main problematic issue associated with the rise in crystal meth usage is the fact that it is quite easily available and very cheap and affordable as well. Heroin and cocaine can’t be found so easily, and the cost is very high. But crystal meth is like a candy bar – cheap and easily available. The Crystal meth is locally known as ice or crank, and is being considered as an enormous threat for drug addicts and their health. Their body and mind can be severely affected, which becomes hard to cure even with crystal meth treatment, simply due long term usage.

A person’s appearance can be drastically changed with regular use of crystal meth. The addict may suffer from chronic itching, the symptoms of which are red and scratched skin. The jaw may collapse, making your face look disfigured. These addicts often suffer from another form of physiological disorder known as Meth Lice, which can be diagnosed by analysing self inflected wounds.

Learning To Control Your Anxiety

Among all the psychological disorders, anxiety is probably the one that is most common. However, to deal with it takes a lot of help and a lot of tenacity. Read on to find out the best way in which you can handle your anxiety disorder.

Anxiety is a state of complete mental unrest. It is a state when there is a sudden increase in the activity of the nervous system, when the brain senses some form of danger in the immediate surroundings. It might also happen when your body senses some sort of impending danger. However, the sense of danger can be real, or even a figment of the person’s imagination. It is very important to not allow anxiety to affect your life in any way. Anxiety itself is one of the most common after effect of some sort of bad habit that people may have picked up. To deal with them requires the best professional help you can get, and of course a lot of will power, because anxiety can, if not treated, lead to more severe problems like depression.

Dealing With Anxiety

There are several ways in which you can ensure that you do not succumb to anxiety. This is because it is a very common phenomenon, which might take control of your life, and lead to something, much worse, and much more incurable. The research team of, after observing several subjects has come to the conclusion that anxiety can be dealt with in the following manner.-

  • Positive thinking,
  • Developing a new hobby,
  • Self-discipline
  • Surviving the right environment
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Anti-depressants periodically
  • Group therapy

There are several other ways in which the psychiatrists and the doctors that you consult with regarding your condition can help you with your anxiety. It is important to get a grip on your life in the initial stages, so that later on, you do not have to suffer from more severe mental and psychological problems.