Prevention of Social Violence

Preventing social violence is the main concern of social psychology. Our search work can help you how to manage violence. Social violence is an evil and need to abolish it from the root of it.

According to our research as newspsychology behind the every social violence there are several psychological reasons. Social violence causes emotional and social crisis among people. If it can’t be prevented then it will increase gradually and brings social damage. It’s a question that arises in every mind to stop such kind of stuffs. A good structural social culture can be a violence free society.

Many childhood factors can create social violence like neglect, abuse, trauma, abandonment and victim of poverty and so on. If a child is a victim on necessity encounters violence in adult.  Social violence can be prevented by

  • Creating attachment:  first need to make sure that a child gets proper care in childhood what makes him a sensible and caring adult in future. Not only parents have the impact on child but the other family members too.
  • By development of conscience: violence is the resultant of lack of conscience among people. Let them know about the evil of violence. Rescue the victim and fight with poverty in a valid way. Children should be trained well and keep them trauma free.
  • Avoiding Hush Punishment: always paying a harsh punishment can lead a child to violence. Even an adult too need proper warning, counselling and mild punishment to make them feel their wrong attitude. But first proper psychological test is needed if he has any tendency like this.

Being aware and making awareness is the key factor of crime free society. That is why proper knowledge of psychology is needed what makes a person sensible.


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