Symptoms and effects of brain injury and its treatment

Brain damage or brain injury is a serious problem nowadays. It can affect the adults and aged people both. Sometimes, they are mild and sometimes harmful. There should take proper diagnosis and good treatment to get rid of it.

Brain injury is one of the dangerous mental health issues. In a brain injury the brain cells starts getting damaged and creates several problems. There are numerous symptoms of brain injury.

Cognitive symptoms: these kind of symptoms can be determined when a affected person get difficulties in processing information and expressing thoughts. They can’t understand others and lack of attention. It decreases the decision making ability. It can create memory loss.

Physical symptoms of brain damage:  if a person is facing severe headache, extreme mental fatigue, paralysis, tremors, seizures, sleeping disorder sensitivity to light then it can be the physical symptom of brain damage.

Behavioural and emotional symptoms: in this kinds of symptom reflects the irritability and impatience of a person. It reduces the tolerance and taking power of stress, sluggishness, denial disability and increase aggressiveness.

Treatment of brain injuries

The effect of brain injury can be very dangerous. Proper treatment can give the relief from brain damage. It can be physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and so on. Brain injury can be prevented by several ways like never shake a child, don’t use illegal drug, limited absorption of alcohol etc. If a person is already affected by it they should keep always under observation. Sometimes, several professional opinions regarding this debases should be taken. Family members have a great impact on the patience. Their love and proper care helps the patient to recover the disease gradually.  


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