The psychological science behind internet addiction

Today everybody is addicted to the internet. The internet has made many things possible. But what is the science behind this addiction. Know it from here.

For the last few years, the internet has reached a number of people. With the help of the internet, everything is possible nowadays. Thus, the internet has greatly influenced the social life of its users also. These psychological influences are good, but a few even have bad social impacts. In a study, it has been found, that 843 of the internet users could not live without the internet, because it has influenced their life in all the possible ways and thus they display a problematic behavior, when they do not get access to it for extended hours. According to the users, the state of their wellbeing is completely controlled by the internet.

The genetic deformation

We at have done a lot of genetic research on psychology of some internet users, diversities were observed in the genetic setup of the problematic internet users with the healthy internet users. According to our studies, this genetic difference greatly influenced the addiction towards the internet. When a person is addicted towards nicotine or tobacco, it changes the way how the neurotransmitters control the brain. May it be nicotine and tobacco addiction or internet addiction, the neurotransmitters communicate in the same way with the brain, which results in similar psychological behavior of the individual in all the types of addictions. The mutation takes place when the CHRNA4 gene alters the genetic form of the Alpha 4 units of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor. Though, this process of mutation generally takes place in case of women.

Addiction is addiction, because it influences human psychology in the worst way. But it is really tough to live without internet nowadays. Thus, one should use the internet, but with caution, so that it do not influence the individual in the long run. Our research work on psychology can help you to get rid from internet addiction. From our experimental research you can help yourself. 

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