Types of Bain injury and its reason

Brain injury is a continuous determination of brain cell which causes several brain damage. It can have several reasons and a dangerous consequence. Proper care and treatment can helpful for such disease.

A brain injury is one kind of head injury where the cells of the brain start to determinate and causes several kinds of health damage. Mainly brain injuries are two types:

Traumatic brain injury: this kind of brain injury caused by any external force like accident or blow of head. This affects the skull badly and the cells start to damage.

Acquired brain injury: this kind of injury occurs for any internal mental health reason. It can come from a tumour. It creates neurological illness and can turn to stroke.

The severity of brain injury can be determined by the types of brain injury. A mild brain injury can have small effect and lasts for a short time. But a severe brain injury can give an effect of life time.

What can be the probable reason of brain injury

Brain injury can have several reasons behind it. Causes for traumatic brain injury

Car accidents: an accident can give head injury.

Blow to the head: any kind of strong blow can affect the skull and causes brain injury

Sports injury: any kind of accident while plying if affects the head can create brain injury.

Physical violence: any kind of physical violence if it is done intentionally can give brain injuries.

Apart from that there are several reasons of brain injury like consumption of poisonous and toxic element can create brain injury. Infections, choking, stroke, tumours, aneurysms and abuse of illegal drug is also responsible for brain damage. 

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