Problems of social Violence

Social psychology is the most specific part of social life. Social violence is very much frequent problem nowadays. But with the vast research work of this website you can find the proper knowledge to deal with such problems. This is our official website which can help you to get more information on this problem.

Social violence is a great evil in our daily life. It has a great impact on human psychology and prevents the social and emotional development. Facing such social violence frequently can create mental disorder. As per our research, social violence is increasing among women, children and men also.

Social violence can be differentiate among three types i.e. self directed violence, interpersonal violence and collective violence. Self directed violence is such kind of thing when a obsessed person hurt himself or commit suicide. Interpersonal issues are often creates between two intimate person. Collective violence seems the conflict between two or more group of people.

Effect of social violence

Social violence has various effects on human lives. Mostly it affects the children most. Social violence creates depression and obsession. At the same time it creates rear fear in the mind. Witness violence can leave an evil effect on life. And a victim of this issue may quit the life or face emotional persecution for life long. Beyond death and injury it can create lifetime mental disorder and lack of faith in the human connectivity.

It has some economical effects also. Frequent collective violence can get down the economical growth. It damages the property and waste of time. So, it’s very important the core reason behind these kind of violence. Public awareness should be created to prevent such kind of offence. Social psychology helps the society to create awareness and find the solution in scientific way. So, only by creating awareness can defeat social violence.

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