Psychological test to define the rear personality of human

Psychological test is one kind of behaviour measurement that is important to define the inner personality of a person. From our website you can get various information in this topic, So visit our website regularly to know more.

A psychological test is to standardize the human nature and measure the inner behaviour of a person. It refers the capability of an individual to fulfil a task according to their mental ability. It’s one kind of paper pencil test. According to the performance in this test a score is produced. A well constructed test score reflect the behaviour of inner personality. Essentially it is used to recognise the cognitive ability, emotional and functional sense, aptitude ability and so on.

Basic principles of psychological test

As per our research a proper psychological test should have some proper rules and regulations. They are:

  • All the tests conducted to produce a score should be standard. Same environment and consistency is needed to test the performance.
  • Scoring should be a subjective judgement and biases should be minimized.
  • There should be reliability and result should be produced after multiple test.
  • Test should be measured depending on the proper intention.

There are several types of psychological tests i.e. IQ achievement test, public safety employment test, attitude test, neuropsychological test, personality test and objective and projective test etc. Each test has a different motif.

Many psychological tests may not available because they have several restrictions. It’s not logical to disclose the personal ethics to the public without proper reason. These tests should not be done without the person’s personal opinion and permission. There is some legal bound to give the professional test reason. But overall these kinds of tests are very fruitful to judge the proper mentality of a person.

Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence


Information: oral, “trivia”-style general information questions.  Scoring is pass/fail.

Vocabulary: giving oral definitions of words.  Scoring is 2-1-0, according to the quality of the responses

Word Reasoning: deducing the meaning of a word from one, two, or three clues. Scoring is pass/fail.

Comprehension: oral questions of social and practical understanding.  Scoring is 2-1-0, based on quality.

Similarities: explaining how two different things (e.g., horse and cow) or concepts (e.g., hope and fear) could be alike.  Scoring is 2-1-0, according to the quality of the responses.

Block Design*: copying small geometric designs with two, three, or four plastic cubes while viewing a constructed model or a picture within a specified time limit. Scoring is 2-1-0 for items 1 through 6 and 2-0 for items 7 to 20.

Matrix Reasoning: completing logical arrangements of designs with missing parts; multiple-choice. Scoring is pass/fail.

Picture Concepts: presented with two or three rows of pictures, choose the one picture from each row based upon a common characteristic. Scoring is pass/fail.

Picture Completion*: identifying missing parts of pictures by either pointing to or naming the missing part. Scoring is pass/fail.

Object Assembly*: assemble, within a specified time limit, puzzles of cut-apart silhouette objects with no outline pieces. Scoring allows for scores from 5 to 0 depending upon the item.

Symbol Search*: deciding if a target symbol appears in a row of 3 symbols and marking YES or ? accordingly.

Coding *: copying symbols that are paired with simple geometric designs as quickly as possible for 2 minutes

Receptive Vocabulary: point to one of 4 pictures that represents the word spoken by the examiner. Scoring is pass/fail.

Picture Naming: Name pictures shown. Scoring is pass/fail.

Verbal IQ is based on Information, Vocabulary, and Word Reasoning. (Comprehension and Similarities are possible substitutes for the other verbal subtests.)

Performance (fluid) IQ is based on Block Design, Matrix Reasoning, and Picture Concepts. (Picture Completion and Object Assembly are possible substitutes for the other Performance subtests.)

Processing Speed Quotient, or visual-motor, clerical speed and accuracy, includes Coding & Symbol Search.

General Language Composite is based on Receptive Vocabulary and Picture Naming

Full Scale IQ is based on seven tests: 3 Verbal, 3 Performance (fluid), and 1 Processing Speed test.