Know types of Dementia

Dementia belongs to the category of brain diseases, and impacts person’s ability to think and remember. It affects mostly the people aged above 65 and according to the current figures, globally 36 million people are impacted by Dementia.

There are various types of this progressive disease. Our research team conducted extensive research on various types of dementia and have listed the following main categories:

Alzheimers’s disease: This is the most common form of dementia, impacting a majority of US population. Symptoms such as memory loss and trouble planning and doing things are common symptoms of this type of dementia.

Vascular dementia: A silent stroke is the major cause of vascular dementia, causing memory impairments and other cognitive disabilities are  common  symptoms.

Dementia with Lewy Bodies: This type of dementia becomes common with age . Lewy bodies are clumps of protein that are found in brain. The unique features indicated by the experts at are hallucinations, tremor and memory trouble.

Frontotemporal dementia: Individuals suffering from this type of dementia have developed damage in areas of brain that control planning and judgment, emotions and speech.

Huntingdon’s disease: This is a genetic disorder, wherein signs start appearing during 30s or 40s. People experience personality changes and decline in cognitive skills.

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease: If your loved ones have twitching or jerky muscles,  our researchers have shown that they might be suffering from another type of dementia. This happens suddenly and gets worsen quickly.

Parkinson’s disease: Many people with Parkinson’s disease also suffer from dementia.

There could be various causes to this neurological disease and its various types. The team at has found that most common causes of dementia are nutritional deficiencies, reactions to some medicines, poisoning, metabolic problems like thyroid, brain infections, or brain tumor. So visit our website to get more information about dementia


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